Become an Orgasmic Woman - 05/20/2019

Women Learn OrgasmYou too can become an orgasmic woman. Each woman has an orgasmic potential that is virtually unlimited. It is a potential that all women are born with and that most women can develop, for orgasm, like much of what is worthwhile in life, is a learned activity. Although your drive for the sexual satisfaction of orgasm is a natural body impulse, how you experience it depends a lot on your desire to learn and your willingness to explore. Read more. . .

Live a Life of Pleasure - 04/30/2019

Live a Life of PleasureWe do not know the true nature of reality. There is no “objective reality” for us to fasten on and use as an absolute guide for our lives. This can be frightening or freeing, for if there is no absolute certainty then your reality is up to you. You create your reality through your conception of it.
Live a Life of Pleasure? Live a Life of Pain?
If you conceive of life as hard, people as self-serving, and yourself as a lone struggler amidst chaos that is most likely the reality you will experience. If you conceive of life as an adventure, people as fellow travelers and yourself as an explorer of the great unknown that is most likely the reality you will experience, and so on through infinite possibilities. The powerful point is that your perception and experience will follow your conception and belief no matter what the actual circumstances of your life situation. Read More….

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Worldwide coaching services via Skype and/or via telephone in North America – uniquely personal and completely confidential. Some of the topics we can assist you with:
Sexuality: Male ejaculation mastery, premature ejaculation, Female orgasms, menopause and sex, sex and aging, Tantra, sacred sex training, lovemaking skills
Relationships: Communication,  Her needs – His needs, Creating love for a lifetime

Podcast: Sexistential Crisis

Podcast with Laura KJoin Laura K’s podcast Sexistential Crisis as she explores the world of sex, dating and relationships.
Al and Pala answer questions about all things Tantric in Episode 22: Tantric Sex for Dummies
In Episode 23 Pala demystifies female ejaculation in Simple Steps to Sexy SquirtingPala’s talk starts 12 minutes in.


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