Your Four Love Freedoms - 10/07/2018

Body, Mind, Heart, SoulThe desire to love someone through and through and to be loved that way in return—for a lifetime—burns in the hearts of most everyone. Yet even though we are all truly worthy of such a love it is not something that will simply ‘happen’ to us. A superb relationship, one that satisfies and stimulates to the core, is an extraordinary accomplishment, equal to high achievement in realms of business and the arts, science and sports. Such relationships are rare, not because people lack the capacity for loving, but because they don’t know how to make the shift from falling in love to sustaining that love over many years, creating and recreating it again and again. Read more . . .


Conscious Breathing Increases Intimacy - 08/26/2018

Conscious Breathing UnitesConscious breathing. one of the essential tools of Tantric loving, not only brings you into the moment so you can participate fully in an intimate sexual exchange, it also fortifies your reproductive system and heightens your sexual pleasure. In addition, your overall health benefits when you breath properly. Aches and pains, tension and anxiety disappear. Your body cells charge up with more oxygen. Your brain energizes for clear thinking.

Breath control during lovemaking also opens you up for extended pleasure and multiple orgasms. When you want more arousal and excitement breathe rapidly, when you want to sustain riding the edge of sexual pleasure breathe slowly and deeply. Read more . . .

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Sexuality: Male ejaculation mastery, premature ejaculation, Female orgasms, menopause and sex, sex and aging, Tantra, sacred sex training, lovemaking skills

Relationships: Communication,  Her needs – His needs, Creating love for a lifetime

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