Products to Enhance Your Relationship

Al and Pala

Al Link and Pala Copeland

Superior quality learning materials developed for you with knowledge, skill and caring by Al Link and Pala Copeland.

We know you’re interested in improving your love life, your sex life, and your spiritual life and it’s our delight to help you do so. Because everyone has different styles of learning we’ve created tools for transformation in a variety of formats. They’re sure to please as well as inform you. If you’re more traditional, and want the feel of something solid in your hands, we’ve written some terrific books that are aching for you to hold them. If you’re hooked on computers and love to learn electronically, we’ve got a selection of ebooks that you can relate to on just about any device — desktop or a variety of portables. If you love to have sweet nothings whispered in your ears, tune your headset to our aurally inspiring audiobooks. If videos inspire you, our DVDs will make your eyes pop and your mind whirl. And, if you want a musical as well as meditative inspiration, our Tantra CD is the perfect stimulus.

Video Home Study Courses

Videos on DVD
Watch and learn at your own pace, in comfort and privacy, with our powerful instructional video courses on DVD.

These beautifully shot videos give down to earth, easy to understand lessons for singles and couples.


AudiobooksThree of our electronic books have been produced as audiobooks in MP3 format. Learn all about love, romance and sexual intimacy by listening on your iPod, your computer, your car or home stereo.

Electronic Books

EbooksElectronic books make it easy for you to learn about loving. We’re delighted to present you with these  stellar examples.

Self-Help Books

Print BooksAs a man and woman very much in love and on a path of sexual/spiritual awakening, we are enormously grateful to have published print books dealing with spirituality, sexuality and creating love for a lifetime.

Meditation CDs

Meditation CDsWith our meditation CDs learn to focus and quiet your mind. Feel your energy body – calm it, balance it, play with it – join it with your beloved.