Looks of Love - 04/07/2021

Love Looks(The Power of Eye Gazing)

For many couples, simple daily practices will increase their intimate connection. You will be surprised how only a few minutes of activities like Looks of Love can deepen your attraction. Read More . .

Love Poems - 04/06/2021

Poetry for Lovers(The Romance of Poetry)

Bring romance back into your love life with inspiring moments of tenderness, passion, and intimacy such as you’ll experience through the delights of the poetry of love..  Read more….


Secret Cosmos: Consciousness Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Videos: Relationships, Sexuality, Spirituality

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Worldwide coaching services via Zoom or Skype and/or via telephone in North America – uniquely personal and completely confidential. Some of the topics we can assist you with:

Life Coaching: Choices; Solutions; Actions; Common sense
Relationships: Communication;  Create lifelong love; Romance, intimacy, and daily life; Connection
Sexuality: Premature ejaculation; Orgasms for women; Sex and aging; Tantra sacred sex training


Enhance your relationship and your sexual, spiritual life with a private couples workshop with Al and Pala.

We design our life-changing workshops specifically for your unique wants and needs. 

“Thank you for sharing with us the knowledge and skills to further develop as a couple and deepen our relationship.” Heidi & Ryan


Seminars for Couples

Coaching for Couples or Singles

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