Coaching services via Skype and Phone

Coaching for Relationships

Al and Pala

Coaching can assist you to make the most of your relationships, help you learn new skills, help you find the answers to your questions about sexuality, spirituality and relationships. Use our coaching services to:

  • Learn the essentials of Tantra lovemaking
  • Find out how to communicate effectively
  • Learn to be a more highly skilled lover
  • Rejuvenate and revitalize your relationship
  • Feel more comfortable with your sexuality
  • Become multi-orgasmic
  • Learn ejaculation mastery
  • Prepare yourself for a wonderful relationship
  • Discover how to use sexual energy for spiritual awakening
  • Gain more energy, vitality and serenity in all parts of your life

Coaching is a very personal process and is uniquely different for each person we work with. Depending on your particular situation we will suggest things for you to think about, exercises for you to do, and activities to engage in on your own or with your partner.

Everything in our sacred sex and relationship counselling is completely confidential.

Coaching Formats

We offer both telephone and Zoom or Skype coaching sesssions.

Learn all you can about living and loving—your sexual life, your relationship life, your spiritual life—in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with the respectful and caring coaching services of Pala Copeland and Al Link.

Telephone Coaching

We offer coaching by telephone on an hourly basis in Canada and the United States only. We call you and we pay the phone charges.

Zoom and Skype Coaching

We offer coaching by Zoom or Skype on an hourly basis worldwide.


$125 US per hour for coaching with either Al or Pala
$175 US per hour with both Al and Pala

Your first coaching call is $125 (or $175) for 1 hour minimum.
Coaching calls after that are $125 (or $175) for 60 minutes, whether you use the 60 minutes in 1 call or 2 or 3 or 4.

How do I start?

What are the steps in setting up a coaching connection?

Send us an briefly explaining your interest in coaching. Or, call us: +1.313.265.3354 We will respond and set a date and time for your coaching call.

Payment Options

You can pay by credit card or by sending a cheque or money order in the appropriate amount to: 4 Freedoms Consulting LLC, P.O. Box 7493, Gratiot Station, Detroit, MI 48207-9998 Add to Your Cart

Register for coaching with credit card payment now:

Coaching Terms and Conditions

  • Coaching calls can be conducted by phone (for residents of the USA and Canada), or by Skype (anyone regardless of residence). We make the call and pay for the call.
  • The first coaching session will be for one hour. The fee for one hour of coaching is $100 US.
  • Payment for additional coaching time after the first hour will be in one hour increments. In other words, you pay $100 for the second or any subsequent hour, but you do not need to use the entire hour in one session. Every hour after the first hour may be used in increments, for example if the second call lasts for 30 minutes we will deduct $50 from your balance until the full $100 is used. You may then deposit another $100 for another 60 minutes or you may elect to pay for 120 or 180 minutes in advance.
  • You may request either Pala or Al for your coach. If you want both Pala and Al to be on the coaching call, the fee is $150 US per hour.
  • All payments for coaching are non-refundable.
  • None of the information shared in these coaching sessions is intended to be medical advice or therapy.