Love Poems

Bring romance back into your life with inspiring moments of tenderness, intimacy, and passion such as you’ll experience with this simple, yet powerful, relationship activity.

Time required:

Properties Required: books of poetry


  1. Browse through books of poetry to locate poems that elicit an emotional reaction when you read them. The poems may be about love, romance, commitment, or sex.
  2. Copy those you like the most so you have a collection to choose from when you want to read one aloud to your lover.
  3. Practice reading some of the poems out loud while you are alone, to prepare yourself.
  4. Buy a selection of sensual love cards. Choose cards with a photograph or drawing, but no words inside, so you have room to write your own words in the card.
  5. Write your own poem—this is by far the best (even your worst poem is better than someone else’s, because it comes from your heart), or pick one from the collection you have gathered and add it to the card. Present the card to your lover at a particularly romantic moment and read the poem aloud.
  6. Don’t save this activity for only special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. This can be a regular part of your intimate life.


            Writing your own poems is something you can learn to do. Using the words of published poets at first will prime your own creativity.