Looks of Love

For many couples, simple daily practices will increase their intimate connection. You will be surprised how only a few minutes of activities like this one can deepen your attraction and your feelings of closeness and togetherness.

Hours, days or even weeks may pass by without couples really looking at one another. The brief but powerful practice of conscious eye gazing forges unequivocal bonds. Eyes are gateways for love. Through real and true eye contact you share your soul.

Time for Exercise: 2 minutes


  1. Sit or stand facing each other.
  2. Decide who will send love first and who will receive it.
  3. Relax your face. Let your eyes be soft.
  4. The first sender allows all his love to pour out through his eyes into his partner’s.
  5. She receives it, opening her heart to welcome his love.
  6. No words are spoken. There is no movement of arms or hands or body. Just the flow of love for one full, rich minute.
  7. Switch roles.
  8. For 1 minute the second sender allows her love to pour out through her eyes into her partner’s.
  9. He opens his heart to receive her love.


This is not a staring contest. But looking deeply into one another’s eyes is very powerful. You may feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. You may laugh from nervousness or fear. However, if you can bare yourself and share your love in this simple but profound way your heart will crack open. You may even shed tears of joy.