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Pala and Al

Ever since we began our teaching we’ve been privileged to have received positive attention from a wide variety of media. TV appearances have included national talk shows, such as Canada AM, multi-part documentaries like Sex + Religion, and popular series such as the Discovery Channel’s Sex Files. Magazines like Cosmo, Redbook, and Body and Soul have featured our work. We’ve been interviewed on small local radio stations like Haliburton Ontario’s Canoe FM and on larger venues like Playboy Radio. Newspaper stories have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, and Le Journal de Quebec among others. We heartily thank all those journalists, interviewers and producers for their time and interest.

We love to spread the word about long-lasting fulfilling relationships, sacred sex practices, and spiritual awakening, so if you’d like to do a story or want more information send us an Email

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  • Vision TV November 29, 2010 Sex + Religion, produced by Riddle Films and Creative Anarchy. Episode 11 Sex as Religion includes segments of Al and Pala’s couples workshops
  • Slice Network May 11, 2008 How to Make Love to My Wife with Greg Lawrence, includes Al and Pala as guest teachers
  • February 10, 2008, world-renowned sex educator Sue Johanson gives a rave review for Pala and Al’s 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples on her Oxygen TV show Talk Sex, episode 163..
  • CTV – CJOH Ottawa, Weekday News Magazine : Leanne Cusack interviews Al and Pala about their two new books, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra and Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, February 8, 2007
  • Al and Pala are featured experts in the one-hour documentary “Penis Dementia: The Search for the Perfect Penis”, produced for the Discovery TV Channel— fit&health, by Markham Street Films, first aired June 19, 2005. Shown on the Life Network February 14, 2006.
  • Sex TV, now W Netork , interview with Al and Pala about sacred sexuality in relationship. July 7, 2005
  • “The Sex Files” on the Discovery Channel featured Al and Pala in two of its thirteen episodes in the 2003 season. Pala and Al were the featured Tantra experts for Better Sex and were also presented in the episode Menopause.
  • CITY TV – Sex TV (now W Network) – National Special: “Selling Sex”, Host: Jana Lynne White, featuring segments from a short Tantra workshop facilitated by Al and Pala especially for this show. The workshop was filmed July 23, 2002 and the show aired February 24, 2003..
  • “Sex with Sue” featuring Syndicated Talk Show Host Sue McGarvie, International Sex Expert and Therapist. Featuring interviews with Pala and Al as well as couples who have attended our Tantra weekends.
    Airing in the 2004 series in Canada and the USA.
  • “Global TV National News”, Interview with Al and Pala filmed October 21, 2002
  • “My Messy Bedroom”, Womens Television Network (WTN) with host Josey Vogels. Pala was the guest expert on Tantra Sacred Sex in an episode which aired January 14, 16, 18 & 20, 2002
  • “Studio Q” (Queen’s University TV), November 21, 2001, on CKWS, Al and Pala are interviewed following our presentation at Queen’s University on Tantra Sacred Sex.
  • “The Chat Room – Relationship Hour” hosted by Seamus O’Reagan on Talk TV (CTV national), May 15, 2001. Pala and Al were featured guest Tantra experts.
  • “First Take”, Pala and Al are interviewed by host Dan Carter, CHEX TV – Durham, ON, November 30, 2000
  • “The Things We Do For Love”, The Life Channel – Our Tantra Couples Weekend was filmed and was shown six times between October 24-29, 2000 and repeat broadcast during August 2001
  • “Canada AM”, with Valerie Pringle, CTV national, November 29, 1999
  • “Fast Forward”, Ryerson University Television, November 26, 1999
  • “Midday”, with Brent Bambury, CBC national, November 23, 1999
  • “Daytime”, ROGERS CABLE 22, April 13, 1999
  • “News Six at Noon”, CHRO Ottawa, February 11, 1999
  • “Life Signs” CBC NEWSWORLD (national), November 29 and December 1, 1998
  • “The Health Beat”, with Dian Duthie on CBC Ottawa’s NEWSDAY, November 18, 1998


Al and Pala are first rate talk show guests. They are smart, articulate, accessible and down to earth. They offer an extraordinary life transforming weekend that is full of valuable information presented with lots of love. We are still positively glowing from our wonderful weekend.

Bob Berkowitz, journalist, talk show host, communications consultant and author of books such as: His Secret Life: Male Sexual Fantasies, and What Men Won’t Tell You but Women Need to Know.

  • Autumn 2010, Six part series “Aging Outside the Box” on CanoeFM with Susanne Bouchard
  • November 2010, What is Tantra? interview with Belgium’s “Radio Luxembourg”
  • February 2, 2010 (aired February 14, 2010 – Valentine’s Day), “Tantra in Long Term Committed Relationships” on Love, Sex and Intimacy with Rebecca G. Burdette M.D., a Board Certified OB/GYN & Sex Therapist, who specializes in female sexual dysfunction.
  • July 10, 2008, Laurie Huston interviews Pala and Al about their new membership website, Sexy Spiritual Relationships for Intuitive Soul Radio. Listen to the interview.
  • Series on BlogTalkRadio’s Womanly Insightswith host and relationship coach Luanna Pierce
    • January 24, 2008: Sexual Awakening for Women
    • January 17, 2008: Sexual Mastery for Men
    • January 10, 2008: The 9 Steps of Tantric Sacred Sex
    • December 13, 2007: Friction Sex – Energy Sex – Soul Sex
    • December 6, 2007: Reuniting Heaven and Earth – Sex and Spirit
    • November 22, 2007: Becoming Fit for Relationship – Part III – Loving Means Learning
    • November 15, 2007: Becoming Fit for Relationship – Part II – Opening Your Heart and Keeping it Open, The Heart Talk
    • November 1, 2007: Becoming Fit for Relationship – Part I – Commitment, Responsibility and Happiness – Are You Tough Enough For Love?
    • October 18, 2007: Hot Monogamy
    • October 11, 2007: Tantra for Singles
    • New Books by Al and Pala
    • Listen to the interviews.
  • January 4, 2008 – Personal Life Media, Chip August’s “Sex, Love and Intimacy”Episode 32: Al Link & Pala Copeland: Hot, Emotionally Rich, Spiritually Evolving Relationships Listen to the interview. Read the transcript.
  • Asia interviews Pala and Al (45 minutes) about our new book, 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step by Step, on Lip Service at BlogT September 19, 2007.
  • Afternoon Advice, Playboy Radio, Sirius Channel 198. Host Tiffany Granath, May 29, 2007 interviews Al and Pala about Sensual Love Secrets for Couples
  • Spirit Radio in the United KingdomalkRadio,, April 25, 2007 – an interview about our book Sensual Love Secrets for Couples
  • Laurie Huston, radio host of “2 Souls Connect,”, hosts two interviews with Al and Pala: January 25, 2007 and August 17, 2006Pala and Al discuss their two new books The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra and Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind Heart and Soul (60 minutes). August 17, 2006 Pala and Al discuss relationship as a spiritual practice (90 minutes).Listen to the interviews in mp3 format: August 17, 2006 and January 25, 2007 Laurie gives Intuitive Advice live through phone (416-204-9723 ) and email contacts. Visit her website.
  • Bestselling author and award winning singer Jaci Rae (The Jaci Rae Show, Artist First World Radio Network) interviewed Pala and Al on October 6, 2005 about their sacred relationship work.ArtistFirst is an Indie Radio Broadcaster promoting artists and authors from around the world.
  • “Radical Reverend 89.5FM CIUT, University of Toronto Radio, Two interviews with Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo, August 26, 2004 and February 3, 2005. Al and Pala talk about Tantric sex and maintaining sexual passion in long-term relationships.
  • CIUT FM – University of Toronto, Jesse Mendes, host and producer of the show “Innovations” does a one-hour interview with Al and Pala on the topic “Using Energy for Healing and Awakening the Spirit”, November 27, 2004.This was our second interview with Jesse. The first was a one-hour interview about Tantric sex, March 27, 2004
  • October 22, 2004 “The Humble and Fred Show”, This was our eighth interview with Toronto’s famous radio twosome, Humble and Fred: The Mix – 99.9 FM Toronto, Canada. Previous interviews: November 24, 2003; Mojo Radio for Guys – 640 AM Toronto, Canada, March 31, 2003, October 24, 2002, June 17, 2002, February 20, 2002, October 26, 2001; and CFNY Edge 102.1 FM, Toronto, Canada, October 27, 2000.
  • 101.1 XFM – Sue McGarvie, host of “Sex With Sue” interviews Al about Tantra Sacred Sex, October 19, 2003.“Sex With Sue” is syndicated on XFM channels across Canada. Sue, a professional sex therapist since 1992, is the founder of The Ottawa Sex Therapy Clinic and the author of two books on sexuality.
  • 1010 Newstalk, CFRB Radio Toronto – Sue McGarvie, host of “Love and Romance” interviews Al about \ Tantra Sacred Sex, October 10, 2003. CFRB is broadcast worldwide on shortwave (CFRX 6070) and live on the Internet with Real Player.
  • “WISDOM® Today” hosted by Scott Cluthe and Claire Papinon Wisdom Radio. Scott and Claire interview Al and Pala about Soul Sex: Tantra for Two in a four-part series on the following dates: June 24, July 8, July 22 and August 5, 2003. Interview Themes:June 24, 2003: Making Your Relationship The Most Important Thing; July 8: All About Tantra; July 22: Ejaculation Mastery and Male Multiple Orgasms; August 5: Freeing the Female Orgasm. Listen to the interviews in mp3 streaming audio
  • Radio America: Cable Radio Network, David Lavine, owner of Sex Toy Fun Website interviews Al and Pala about successful Internet strategies for small business, July 29, 2003.
  • “Passion” on CJ80 800AM Radio, Montreal Canada, June 25, 2003. Al and Pala are interviewed by host by Dr. Lori Batito (Sex Therapist)
  • CIUT 89.5 FM Toronto Canada, Pala and Al are interviewed about their book, Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, by
    Rick Vassallo, host of the current affairs program“Watching the Detectives”, May 9, 2003. Read the full transcript of the interview.
  • “Nightcalls”, Playboy Radio XM 205, November 19, 2002, co-hosts Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath feature a one hour interview with Al and Pala
  • “Cluthe and Company”, Wisdom Radio, November 10, 2001, Al and Pala are interviewed by Scott Cluthe
  • The Art of Tantric Sex – Al Link is interviewed by Mariellen Ward for Power 106 FM out of Burbank, California, August 15, 2002. Click here to read her story.
  • “Uncensored”, August 2, 2001, one-hour interview with Al and Pala by Jillian Lazar on WSEX Internet Radio
  • The Next Dimension, June 10, 2001 with host Patte Purcell, on the Talk America Network.
  • Love Bytes, with Bob Berkowitz, Four guest interviews with Bob Berkowitz: March 18, 2001, March 5, 2001, August 17, 2000, and April 5, 2000
  • Mr. Destiny, with Alan Mayer, CFYI Talk 640 AM, Toronto, ON, October 29, 2000, and July 15, 2000.
  • Ryerson University Radio, CKLN FM, Toronto, ON, October 28, 2000
  • “The Vito B. and Ginger Lee Show”,, July 24, 2000
  • “Radio For The Soul”, with Alan Mayer, CFRB 1010 AM, Toronto, January 16, 1999
  • “Trends”, with Alan Neal, CBO FM Morning Show, Ottawa July 22, 1998
  • “The Marsha & Basil Show”, CHCR FM, Killaloe, July 5, 1998


  • “Eat, Pray, Love Canadian Style” by Reb Stevenson, Ottawa Citizen, August 14, 2010, features Pala’s Awakening Your Goddess workshops for women
  • “Make love part of your exercise routine” by Pam Cowan, Rochester Insider, January 6, 2006.
  • “Cupidon passé au tantra”, by Marie-France Bornais, Journalist-Trends Section, LE JOURNAL DE QUEBEC, February 14, 2002. Al and Pala are interviewed for a Tantric take on Valentines Day.
  • “Sex Toys get Wholesome”, by Catherine Porter, THE TORONTO STAR, February 8, 2002.
  • “Spiritual Growth Through Tantric Sex”, by April Labine, HUMBER COLLEGE ETCETERA, November 16, 2000
  • “Tantric Delight”, by Joseph Brean, QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, November 3, 2000
  • “The Sex Files: Tantric Sex Comes To Queen’s”, by Monika Rahman, QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, October 31, 2000
  • “The Big Tease” By sex columnist Cherry Wong, Seattle Weekly, March 1, 2000. Wong includes a brief review of our website in her article on Tantric sex practices.
  • “Longer, better sex”, Sharon Kirkey, Ottawa Citizen, March 5, 1999
  • “Yin, Yang, Yesss!”, Stephanie Nolen, Globe and Mail, January 14, 1999
  • “Naked Ambition: Tantra May Be Old, But It Has Generated A Hot Modern Market”, Asra Nomani, WALL STREET JOURNAL, December 7, 1998
  • “And Then There’s Sacred Sex”, Valerie Gibson, TORONTO SUN, October 22, 1998


Magazines featuring Cover Stories with Al and Pala


  • How Far Would You Go to Save Your Marriage? (featured cover story), Redbook, November 2009, p. 87, Colleen Oakley describes how Al and Pala’s workshop helped save a marriage.
  • Deeper Sex (featured cover story), Cosmopolitan, December 2007, p. 116, Pala and Al help Laura Gilbert tell readers how to intensify their sexual connection.
  • “Body, Heart, Mind and Soul” by Al Link and Pala Copeland, New Worlds of Mind and Spirit, January/February 2007, p. 56. Pala and Al introduce their new book Sensual Love Secrets for Couples
  • “How to have Soul-Satisfying Sex tonight” (featured cover story), Redbook, July 2006, p. 60. Al and Pala are the Tantric teachers consulted for and quoted in the article by Allison Winn Scotch.
  • “Sex Beyond the Bed”, by Suzanne Gerber, Body and Soul (Published by Martha Stewart), February 2006, pp. 86-93. Al and Pala are interviewed by Gerber and cited in the article.
  • “Loving Her Long Time”, by Bebe O’Shea, Toro, Summer 2005, p. 54. Article on Tantra including a review of Al and Pala’s Tantra workshops.
  • The Journal, Queen’s University, Issue 31, Volume 132, February 11, 2005, “Tantric sex: mystifying and fulfilling”, By Tamsyn Burgmann, Assistant News Editor. Ms. Burgmann reports on Al and Pala’s presentation to students at Queen’s University on January 28, 2005.
  • Al and Pala, in the article “Sex”, Urban Male Magazine, Fall 2004, p. 32
  • City Woman Magazine, July 24, 2003 features Pala Copeland’s weeklong “Awakening Your Goddess” retreat.
  • “Send Your Sex Life to Summer Camp”, By Denise Schipani,Ladies Home – June 30, 2003. 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra retreats with Pala Copeland and Al Link are suggested.
  • “Sex, Commitment and Happiness”, by Al Link and Pala Copeland, Tone Magazine, April 2003 (Part I), May 2003 (Part II).
  • “Voluntary Ejaculation”, by Al Link and Pala Copeland, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Spring 2002
  • “Sex in History”, by Pala Copeland and Al Link, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Summer 2001
  • “Escape From the Soul-Eating Cubicle”, Valerie Adam, Ottawa City, June/July 2001. Valerie reviews our Tantra weekend retreat as a suggestion for what to do in the Nation’s Capital
  • “Sexual Magnetism: Pheromones – The Scent of Sex”, by Pala Copeland and Al Link, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Winter 2001; also published in Body Soul & Spirit News, March 2002
  • “Sex Stats”, Al Link and Pala Copeland, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Fall 2000
  • “Tantric Sex Tips”, Laura Keogh quotes Pala Copeland and Al Link, TORONTO FASHION MAGAZINE, September, 2000
  • “The Health Benefits of Sex”, Pala Copeland & Al Link, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Summer 2000
  • “The Big Tease”, by sex columnist Cherry Wong, SEATTLE WEEKLY, March 2-8, 2000
  • “Freeing Female Orgasm”, Pala Copeland & Al Link, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Winter 2000
  • “Sexual Healing”, Nicole Muller-Gass (featuring Pala Copeland), FLARE, November, 1999
  • “Tantra, Monogamy and Safe Sex,” Al Link, TONE Magazine, November 1999
  • “Give Her Sex She’ll Never Forget: How to Make First Sex Fabulous Sex”, Al Link and Pala Copeland, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Fall 1999
  • “Aphrodisiacs – Part III”, Al Link and Pala Copeland, TONE, September 1999
  • “Hot Summer Sex”, Pala Copeland & Al Link, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Summer 1999
  • “Memories of Fort McPherson”, Pala Copeland, ABOVE AND BEYOND: Magazine Of The North, Summer 1999
  • “The Married Lover’s Hot Bed”, Pala Copeland & Al Link, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Spring 1999
  • “Aphrodisiacs”, Al Link & Pala Copeland, Part I, TONE, January 1999, Part II, TONE, April 1999
  • Last Longer Than She Can Handle: Simple Techniques For Mastering Ejaculation“, Pala Copeland & Al Link, URBAN MALE MAGAZINE (UMM), Winter 1998/1999
  • “Sacred Sex: A Path of Union, Celebration & Wholeness”, Pala Copeland, TONE, July/August 1998, also published as the headline article in By Region Healers: Healing Arts Newsletter, Issue 11, March 2002


“You are literally the best authors I’ve worked with.”  Paul Dinas, Acquisitions Editor – Alpha/Penguin

See the books we’ve written.










Speaking / Lectures


  • Everything To Do with Sex Show, Toronto ON, November 19-21, 2010, Al and Pala deliver 4 seminars
  • “Tantric Sex”, Al and Pala deliver six lectures at Queen’s University, Kingston ON, for the Sexual Health Resource Centre: October 25, 2006, February 15, 2006, January 28, 2005, February 13, 2003, November 14, 2001 and November 1, 2000.
  • Mensa Canada Annual Gathering July 16-17, 2004: Al and Pala are keynote speakers – “Tantra for Pleasure, Health and Longevity: Using Hot Sexual Energy”.
  • “Tantra: Ancient Sex for Modern Times”, University of Guelph 26th Annual Conference on Sexuality, Guelph ON, June 15, 2004.
  • Intro to Tantra, Body Soul and Spirit Expo, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON., Canada, September 13-15, 2002. Al and Pala present two lectures.
  • “Tantra: Pleasures of Body, Mind and Spirit”, University of Guelph 24rd Annual Conference on Sexuality, Guelph ON, June 18, 2002.
  • “Tantra Sacred Sex”, Pala and Al present 4 seminars at the Everything to do with Sex Show, Toronto, ON, October 25-28, 2001
  • University of Guelph 23rd Annual Conference on Sexuality, Guelph ON, Al and Pala present two Tantra workshops: A one-day Tantra workshop (June 18, 2001) and a three-hour concurrent presentation on Tantra Sacred Sexuality (June 20, 2001).
  • “Tantra Sacred Sex”, Pala and Al present 4 seminars at the Everything to do with Sex Show, Toronto, ON, October 26-29, 2000
  • “Using Sexual Energy for Healing and Awakening”, Pala and Al lecture at the Toronto Whole Life Expo, Toronto, ON, November 27, 1999
  • “Tantric Sacred Loving”, Pala Copeland and Al Link present to the Kingston Men’s Conference 1999 ~ Responsibility and the Wild Heart, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, October 23, 1999
  • “Men Opening Their Hearts”, Al Link presents to the Wilno Men’s Group, in Wilno, ON, on September 2, 1999
  • “Tantric Sexual Energy Healing”, Al Link and Pala Copeland present to The Energy Connection, in Ottawa, ON, June 6, 1999
  • “Sexual Energy and Health”, Pala Copeland presents to Network Chiropractic Clear Day, in Ottawa, ON, on April 10, 1999
  • “Sacredness of Sex as a Gateway to Spiritual Awakening”, Pala Copeland presents for Spiritual Frontiers Canada (SFC), in Ottawa, ON, February 4, 1999
  • “Sacred Sexuality – A Path For Singles”, Pala Copeland presents to Canadian Singles, in Ottawa, ON, August 1998
  • “Relationship Success – Celebrating The Differences”, March 21, 1998, and “Abundance Consciousness”, March 22, 1998, Al Link and Pala Copeland present to The Association of Ontario Massage Therapists, in Toronto, ON


  • February 25,2010, Al and Pala were one of 20 featured guest speakers for the “Awakened Relationships Teleseminar Series.” The live one hour interviews were broadcast between January 25 and March 1, 2010. Al and Pala presented on February 25 on the theme of creating a relationship that is both stable and passionate, and endures for a lifetime together. The series was organized by psychotherapist and life coach Iris Benrubi, owner of Simply Success.
  • February 6, 2010, Teleseminar with Kathy and Dick Dawson’s 17th Annual Romance Weekend Gathering of couples. The theme was how to balance the difference approaches to sexuality between men and women, and how to accommodate the changes that happen to men and women as bodies age.