Energy Meditation CD – Apertio

4 Tantra Meditations by Pala Copeland & Jeff Davies

Energy Meditations

Music composed and performed by Jeff Davies

Guided Meditations

Meditations by Pala Copeland


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Energy Meditations

Ecstatic lovemaking is as much an energetic connection as it is a physical connection. That’s why, in our workshops, we teach people how to make love with their energy bodies as well as their physical bodies. You already know your energy body. It’s the part of you that senses someone as they come close to you, as they move into your ‘space’. The meditations on this CD will help you learn to feel your energy body – to open it, calm it, balance it, play with it. Ultimately you will be able to unreservedly join it with your beloved.


Meditation Sample   Grounding – 11:22

Grounding is one of the simplest and most effective meditation practices. By connecting to the earth through your root chakra (the area from your genitals to the base of your spine) you are tapping into the solidity and security of Mother Nature. Try Grounding daily for a few weeks then stop for a week and notice the difference.

Listen to a sample of Grounding in MP3 format

Meditation Sample   Golden Sun - 16:18

The sun is a source of power and vitality. Tap into this awesome reserve, allow it to regenerate and invigorate you as you move its energy through your every cell. Based on Taoist healing practice, this meditation helps you to absorb energy, build it, then store it safely for future use - in creative projects, lovemaking, problem solving, physical and emotional healing.

Listen to a sample of Golden Sun in MP3 format

Meditation Sample   Sexual Fire Breath – 13:18

The Sexual Fire Breath’s rhythmic rocking, focused breathing, genital muscle contraction and fiery visualization arouses your sexual energy and moves it ecstatically up through your body. Experiment with the Sexual Fire Breath while making love, particularly as you are being manually or orally stimulated. Be sure to make sound as you exhale because sound carries energy!

Listen to a sample of the Fire Breath in MP3 format

Meditation Sample∫Chakra Opening – 13:30

When your body’s energy centres (your chakras) are balanced and open, the energy flows harmoniously inside and out. Each chakra resonates to a specific musical note and responds to particular sounds. In the Chakra Opening meditation you use the sounds LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, AUM, AHH to gently awaken each centre. This meditation is divided into two sections – the introduction, comprised of detailed instructions, and the meditation itself.

Listen to a sample of Chakra Opening in MP3 format

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“Apertio is lovely, a doorway to deeper pleasure and peace, a constantly available guide to energy stimulation and focusing. Pala Copeland, as guiding goddess in the flesh, has fashioned inner doorways to the tantric energy states, ones that are opened in one individual and then shared lovingly with another. A beautiful mix of spoken guided words and peaceful music. Overall the CD gives off a feeling of a very empowered Pala, sharing her discoveries.”

Paul Ramana Das Silbey,
Composer, Musician, and Teacher

“I absolutely love your CD. The relaxation part is excellent and I have had a lot of fun with the fire breath! GREAT.”

“I think that “sexual fire breath” is a latin rock. The rhythm reminds me of ‘Africa’ by Toto,
“It’s Probably Me” by Sting, “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie, “You Are The Sunshine of
My Life” by Stevie Wonder and many songs of the king of latin-rock Mr. Santana.”

Jack – Florence, Italy

“I made your eggs (kiln fired vaginal eggs) while I was listening to your CD and doing some of the meditations. It was very cool. I think I am going to listen to your CD while I create.”

Shawna Morrissette (Potter – “Majestic Mud”)

“I have just listened to clips of Apertio and must say that my shoulders relaxed and fell to a normal level and Pala’s voice with the background music put me into a peaceful state of mind.”

“I just happened to listen to your CD for a few minutes online. I really did enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the rythmatic trance that I was put in, in just a mere couple of minutes listening to Pala’s very pretty voice.”

A happy web site visitor

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APERTIO(c) 2000 4 Freedoms and Jeff Davies. All rights reserved.

Recorded at Anake Studios, Pickering, ON, Canada, Produced by 4 Freedoms and Jeff Davies

Design and lay-out by Gail Marion, 4-hire consulting inc.

Cover concept inspired by Jo-Anne Gauci’s California Poppies

Colour photography by Jo-Anne Gauci