Love Poems

Bring romance back into your life with inspiring moments of tenderness, intimacy, and passion such as you’ll experience with this simple, yet powerful, relationship activity.

Time required:

Properties Required: books of…

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Heart Freedom Feels Everything

The essence of heart is emotion. Heart Freedom enables you to experience a bountiful variety and complexity of feelings. The supreme emotion is love, which by its very nature implies relationship—the lover and the beloved. In modern western culture…

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Your 4 Freedoms for Love

The desire to love someone through and through and to be loved that way in return—for a lifetime—burns in the hearts of most everyone. Yet even though we are all truly worthy of such a love it…

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Conscious Breathing Increases Intimacy

Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing. one of the essential tools of Tantric loving, not only brings you into the moment so you can participate fully in an intimate sexual exchange, it also fortifies your reproductive system and heightens your…

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Getting There vs Being Here

Because so much of human behavior is goal oriented, peoples’ attention is usually engaged in doing, with each action taken primarily to lead somewhere else. Actions then lose their intrinsic meaning—their only importance is to move you…

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Surrendering and Letting Go of Results

Surrendering means you dive wholeheartedly into your actions, maintaining your vision of what you want but letting go of any expectation that things will turn out the way you planned. Instead of losing some imaginary freedom, this way of…

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Control and Surrender in the Art of Love


People love to be in control, it makes them feel safe and secure. Very few are attracted to what may be perceived as its opposite—being out of control. Out of control can be scary, frustrating, even terrifying…

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Calling Each Other on “Stuff”

Al says, “I get in ornery, crappy moods, and there is no logical rational reason for it. If Pala is in the same room, she gets a sour look or a harsh, disrespectful tone of voice.” …

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Dealing With Conflict

Being in a relationship can be overwhelming. It can seem difficult to maintain your individuality. Your sense of self, who you are and what you stand for, may be threatened when your mate has a decidedly different…

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