Relationship Weekends and Evening Seminars

Due to Covid-19 constraints, all in-person workshops are canceled until further notice. Stay safe! Try our online Coaching.

Pala Copeland and Al Link have been hosting workshops about relationships since 1998. They make learning about intimacy fun, practical, safe, comfortable, and inspiring. Don’t just take our word for it—see what our clients say.

Your hosts

Pala and Al – Relationship Teachers

All of the methods we teach, a combination of Eastern Tantra and Taoist techniques with Western psychological approaches to mental and emotional intimacy, are things we do in our own relationship to keep it vibrant, healthy and extraordinarily fulfilling. We show you how to realize your dreams of personal growth, relationship satisfaction and spiritual awakening by discovering the 4 freedoms of body, mind, heart and soul. More about us.

Couples’ Private Sessions

Including: Aging and Sexuality and Divorce Prevention

Evening Intro Workshop for Couples and Singles

Ejaculation Mastery for Men and their Lovers