Private Seminars for Couples

Couples Private Sessions

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Location options for your private session:

  1. Detroit, MI, USA: you select dates that fit your schedule
  2. A location and date of your choice

Would you like to get total one-on-one attention in a retreat that’s designed especially for you? Pala and Al will create a session specifically tailored to your needs and wishes. We’ll focus on what interests you, whether it’s communicating more effectively, increasing emotional intimacy, reintroducing romance, becoming supremely skillful lovers, or simply adding zest to a relationship that has become slightly stale.

Why Choose a Private Session with Al and Pala?

  • Are you looking for relationship counselling, coaching or therapy?
  • Do you want to deepen your intimate sexual connection?
  • Do you want to take your relationship to a new higher more spiritual level?
  • Do you want to increase your sexual knowledge and skill?
  • Are you ready to call it quits because you have been unable to sort things out?
  • Have you tried everything else, but nothing has worked?

Are you interested in any of these relationship enhancing practices?

  • Identifying and managing your priorities: relationship, career, family, community
  • Using sexual energy for spiritual awakening
  • Overcoming relationship differences
  • Learning the basics of Tantric practice
  • Ways to meet your partner’s needs and yours too!
  • Feeling more comfortable with your sexuality
  • Opening your heart to trust
  • Becoming multi-orgasmic
  • Mastering the ejaculation process
  • Allowing yourself to live a life of pleasure
  • Gaining more energy, vitality and serenity in all parts of your life?

Do you want to explore life-enhancing topics like these at your pace, with your comfort, safety, and learning style as a top priority? Then our private retreats are just what you’ve been looking for.

Is the way Al and Pala teach unique?

We do not offer therapy, but our work is very therapeutic. We have helped save many a marriage! Our approach to teaching, coaching, and relationship mentoring is quite different from therapy. Our approach is emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Most forms of therapy focus on the problem in isolation from the rest of a person’s life. The problem becomes the center of attention in the search for solutions. Therapy may last years, as the couple searches into the past for what caused them to be in this difficult situation together; for each partner to figure out “What is wrong with me?” and “Why am I like this?” Often this process ends with no resolution or effective solution.

Relationship Rescue

We have worked with hundreds of couples over the past 20 years. And actually, we usually discover that there really isn’t anything “wrong” with people and there isn’t anything to discover from the past that will help a couple create the love and happiness they desire now. In fact, it is much simpler than that. It is simply that people have no idea how to create love and how to sustain happiness. They have never seen anyone else do it, and they have not been able to learn by reading a ton of self-help books. Very few people have a single couple as a role model for relationship happiness. They lack the basic knowledge and skills that will make their relationship challenges go away.

In our approach to teaching, we do not focus on the problem. Rather we teach what couples like us, who are happy in a relationship and have learned how to create and sustain lasting love, actually do. When a couple who has been having serious relationship issues learns the knowledge and skill for creating love and relationship happiness, they discover that their problems go away. And this can happen very quickly, regardless of how serious the issues were, or how long they have been hanging around.

Emotionally we help people learn how to open their hearts to give and receive love. Spiritually, we help them learn to stay present in the immediate moment and to focus on what they do want. Energetically we teach couples simple practices to access and consciously use the life force energy, including sexual energy. With this knowledge and skill and the mastery that develops over time with practice, couples come to know they can create love for a lifetime together.

Examples of Sessions, Exercises and Practices

We’ll set the dates and times to accommodate your schedule. You can choose from several seminar options:

  • A weekend – all day Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m – 5 p.m.
  • A two-day session during the week
  • A timeframe of your choice – eg. one, three, five, seven days

Relationship Reviver Weekend

Pump up the Passion Weekend

  • Examining relationship issues and priorities
  • Commitment, fidelity, union
  • Loving Means Learning process
  • Your Needs, My Needs
  • Celebrating your differences
  • Forgiveness Meditations
  • Creating your Relationship Vision
  • Exploring ideas, attitudes, and beliefs about sex
  • Mastering orgasm for women
  • Mastering orgasm for men
  • Positions for emotional connection, building excitement, sharing energy
  • Sensual Play
  • Adding Energy to your sexual equation

Also check our special sessions for couples in danger of Divorce and for Older Lovers.

Workshop Details

What’s the Fee?

  • Detroit MI USA – $1,500 per couple for full 2 day session eg. Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm or Tuesday and Wednesday 9 am – 5 pm and so on.
  • Fees for sessions of other lengths (eg 3-7 days) are based on a general rate of $1000 per day, but will be discussed and clarified before you register.
  • Additional fees for locations where we come to you may include travel, accommodation, meals and so on. All items will be clarified before you register.
  • A $500 deposit confirms your registration – REGISTER NOW

How do I reserve?

Send us an Email letting us know you’d like to book a private session. If you know which dates you want, mention them. We’ll get back to you quickly to make arrangements.

And/or, speak to us directly by calling us: +1.313.265.3354.

Please note that although we deal with intimate topics there is no nudity or explicit sexual behaviour during our workshops. Read our Registration Terms.