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Pala and Al have saved many marriages. Your marriage deserves one more chance, no matter how hopeless you feel.

  • Have you tried everything (counselling, therapy, self-help books, advice from friends and family) but nothing seems to help?
  • Are you suffering from emotional overload? Are you feeling confused, sad, hurt, guilty, betrayed, insecure, afraid, anxious, adrift, bored, lonely, lost, isolated, misunderstood, angry, frustrated, resentful, disappointed, discouraged, depressed, despairing, hopeless, exhausted, overwhelmed…?
  • Is your heart closed, dead as a stone? Has all the love gone?
  • Have you lost all hope for reconciliation—ready to throw in the towel, call it quits and go your separate ways?
  • Are you blaming each other for your problems? Are you blaming yourself?
  • Are you in sharp disagreement about money, careers, children, where you live, in-laws, fidelity, sex, trust…?
  • Are you unable to talk civilly about serious issues? Has your communication devolved into shouting, yelling, calling each other names, saying hurtful things?
  • Are you arguing and fighting, on the edge or over the edge of violence?
  • Have your lines of communication been cut completely? Do you talk at all, or silently pass each other with averted eyes?
  • Are your children confused, hurting and afraid because they see how bad things are between you?Have either of you neglected your family? Conversely, have you given everything to your family and now feel you have no individual self left—you don’t even know who you are anymore?
  • Do you make love at all? Has your fire turned to ashes? Are you sleeping in separate beds or separate homes?
  • Have you turned to other sex partners? Is infidelity one of the reasons you’re contemplating divorce?


Do you secretly want to run away and hide from it all, but know in your heart that you can’t?

There is hope and there is help.

Don’t you owe it to yourself, your partner, and your children to do everything you can to reconcile your differences, revive your marriage, save your family and create lasting relationship happiness? If you could have it, isn’t that what you really want, even if right now, you don’t believe it’s possible?

“I didn’t marry you because you were perfect. I didn’t even marry you because I loved you. I married you because you gave me a promise. That promise made up for your faults. And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Two imperfect people got married and it was the promise that made the marriage. And when our children were growing up, it wasn’t a house that protected them; and it wasn’t our love that protected them – it was that promise.” Thornton Wilde


Watch this video and discover a powerful tool to help you re-create your relationship.

Making your relationship the most important thing—the master principle of relationship happiness.


We will help you:

  • How to bring passion and romance back into your lives.
  • Shift your focus from your issues, problems and complaints, to solutions that have proven effective for hundreds of couples we’ve worked with over the past 15 years.
  • Discover the master solution to all relationship problems. All your relationship problems can be solved!
  • Learn simple strategies for implementing the master solution. Leave the weekend with a well-stocked toolbox of happiness-creating tools that you can implement immediately.
  • Lighten up! Experience immediate relief from the demoralizing struggle over your marriage problems. Gain a respite, come up for air, take a break from carrying the heavy emotional load of marriage failure.
  • Rediscover your own identity so you once again have something authentic and genuine to offer as a spouse and parent, going far beyond the “required” duties as caregiver, homemaker, bread-winner, and your roles as wife and husband.
  • Learn to communicate effectively about anything, even your most troublesome problems.
  • Re-establish emotional intimacy
  • Fall in love again. And learn to create love that lasts a lifetime.
  • Find a joyous spiritual sexuality with levels of pleasure you may only have dreamed about.
  • Get your glow back.
  • Leave the weekend empowered, with confidence, hope, new knowledge and skills for creating love and happiness together.


Our approach is not therapy.

We don’t focus on your problems and try to fix them one at a time. Rather, we share with you what successful, happy couples do to create love and happiness for a lifetime together. When you learn how to create true love and genuine happiness, your family becomes stable, your children are secure, and all of you can get on with living fruitful, productive lives. Vibrant health, career success, financial security, and a rich enjoyment of life lived well become naturally and simply available to you.


Consider the consequences that come with divorce:

Broken Family

  • the shattering of family, with potential harmful effects on your children: lower self-esteem, drop in school grades, higher incidence of drug and alcohol abuse, problems in later relationships
  • the after-divorce challenges of parenting: joint custody, sole custody, weekend visits, split households
  • the disruption of severing economic and familial ties: separate living arrangements, loss of asset values, pension splitting
  • the enormous costs involved:”Love is grand, divorce a hundred grand.” Unless you’re Tiger Woods, in which case it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $110,000,000!
  • the overall health-eroding stress on you, your spouse, your children, and other family members
  • Oh, yes, and “whose friends were they anyway?” as your friends may feel they have to take sides.


You are at a turn in the road.
Which way will you go?


There are still those, and we count ourselves among them, that believe love can last forever.


Your marriage isn’t in trouble because you are failures.

Your marriage is in trouble because neither of you know how to nurture and sustain a relationship; you haven’t achieved marriage fitness. You haven’t yet graduated from falling in love to creating love to last a lifetime. We will teach you how to do that.

Marriage Fitness

Are you in such a deflated, defeated, demoralized place that you believe these sayings?

  • “When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part.” George Bernard Shaw
  • “If your husband and a lawyer were drowning and you had to choose, would you go to lunch or to a movie?”
  • “Ah, yes, divorce … from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.”
  • “My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God, and I didn’t.”
  • “Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity.”
  • “Three rings of marriage are the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.”
  • “Wedding rings: the world’s smallest handcuffs.”
  • “My mother once told me that if a married couple puts a penny in a pot for every time they make love in the first year, and takes a penny out every time after that, they’ll never get all the pennies out of the pot.” Armistead Maupin


If you want to get out of the hole you’re in, to become fit for marriage, understand that you can rediscover what you used to know when you first fell in love and still had a trace of innocence about you. We believe the insights presented in the quotes below. If you do, or would like to, and want to learn how to make it real, we will teach you what you need to know.

Dare to learn what you need to change for good so that you will feel these ideas are true for you and your relationship.

  • “One advantage of marriage, it seems to me, is that when you fall out of love with each other, it keeps you together until maybe you fall in again.” Judith Viorst
  • “Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work.”
  • “The secret to having a good marriage is to understand that marriage must be total, it must be permanent, and it must be equal.” Frank Pittman
  • “What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.” Leo Tolstoy
  • “The most important marriage skill is listening to your partner in a way that they can’t possibly doubt that you love them.” Diane Sollee
  • “Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends.” Harville Hendrix (And we add, friends with benefits!)
  • “I think a man and a woman should choose each other for life, for the simple reason that a long life with all its accidents is barely enough time for a man and a woman to understand each other and. . . To understand – is to love.” William Butler Yeats
  • We want to grow old together! “Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be – the last of life for which the first was made.” Robert Browning
  • “Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, Often hot and fierce, But still only light and flickering. As love grows older, Our hearts mature And our love becomes as coals, Deep-burning and unquenchable.” Bruce Lee
  • “Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” Franklin P. Jones
  • “Love is like a Rubik Cube, there are countless numbers of wrong twists and turns, but when you get it right, it looks perfect no matter what way you look at it.” Brian Cramer


Don’t think too much about this. Act! Act now! Try something different. Learn what successful, happy couples actually do, and guess what? If you do those same things, you will heal your relationship, fall in love again and create happiness together. Of course you can!

  • “Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words.” Fr. Jerome Cummings

Stop talking endlessly about your issues and problems. Change your behaviors now and see immediate resolution, experience immediate healing and positive emotions; yes right now!

  • “The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” Thomas Merton

Stop trying to change each other; allow your partner to be responsible for their own transformation as you move toward relationship happiness together.

  • “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Come out from behind the selfish mask of ego, and let some light in. Where there is light, darkness disappears—without effort.


The only reason you can’t say these things right now isn’t because you have the wrong partner, but because you don’t have the right skills.

Do you think the next relationship will be different from the one you are in right now? Do you believe changing partners will make all your relationship issues simply disappear? Think again!

Insanity is continuing to do the same thing but always expecting a different outcome! Now is the time to change for good. Now is the time to learn what you need to know to create lasting relationship happiness. What you need to learn is simple, though not necessarily easy. It does require effort and moving outside your emotional comfort zone. But, your effort will be richly rewarded!


We work with only one couple at a time. You will have our complete attention. You will have assured privacy. No matter what issues you are dealing with, we can help you change for good.

It’s normal for you to feel shy, insecure or possibly even afraid to face your relationship dragons with us at a workshop. We go out of our way to help you feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and to assist you in learning quickly how to heal your relationship and learn to create relationship happiness. We can help you heal into relationship happiness that endures and thrives for the rest of your life together. We can help you fall in love again and stay that way to any age.

Don’t you owe it to yourself? Don’t you owe it to each other? Don’t you owe it to your relationship to learn how to be happy together? Don’t you owe it to your children?

Click Here to register for a weekend that will change your life forever; a weekend you will remember for the rest of your lives. Don’t think about it, just do it. REGISTER NOW. If not now, when? Don’t you see? If not now, it will be never. Life is too short to let this pass by.


Why should you believe us when we say we can help you save your marriage? Because we have an excellent track record in doing just that for many couples over the past 15 years.


Save Your MarriageHere is an excerpt from “How far would you be willing to go to save your marriage?” by Colleen Oakley, Redbook Magazine, November 2009, which explains how we have been helping couples who were ready to divorce, but instead saved their marriages and went on to create lasting relationship happiness.

According to Colleen, “When love is on the skids, sometimes you have to take a big risk to get it back on track.” In the article Colleen reports on five couples who each saved their marriage using a different approach. One of those couples had attended our spiritual relationship tantric sacred sex workshop. Here is what the couple (Tamara and Stephen) say in the Redbook article about how we worked with them and the difference it made in their relationship.

Tamara: After nine years of marriage, my husband and I were on the brink of divorce. Stephen would lash out at me over the smallest things, and I wasn’t much better. I was so tired of arguing. We felt that we had tried everything, including months of marriage counseling, but nothing was working. Our anniversary was coming up, and in one last surge of hope, I went online to try to find a gift for Stephen, something that might help our marriage survive as well. I came across the Tantric Sex Workshop by Pala Copeland and Al Link in Ottawa. The testimonials from other couples who’d attended sounded promising, and I thought that we didn’t really have anything to lose by trying it.

The workshop was very quaint. It took place in Pala and Al’s home on the beautiful Ottawa River. Over the three-day course, they taught us tantric sex techniques, and we had time to privately practice them. They also taught us to create our own space to make love in, by adding pictures, soft lighting, and sensual items. The ideas were simple, but they taught us new ways of expressing ourselves and appreciating each other.

Now when I am upset, I can tell Stephen that we need to talk and it won’t blow up into a big argument. The workshop also taught us that sex isn’t just sex — it’s a very spiritual way of connecting, which makes it a thousand times more enjoyable for both of us, physically and emotionally.

Stephen: Tami had told me she wasn’t happy and that we needed time apart. Counseling only seemed to worsen our problems; we were two strong-willed people who fought a lot, and in therapy all our anger would come out. When my wife came across Pala and Al’s workshop and suggested it, I was intrigued.

When we got there, I was nervous, but after Al started talking, my butterflies disappeared. I’d always been the type of guy to get angry if my eggs were cooked wrong in a restaurant. Pala and Al made me realize that I need to accept the things I can’t change and move on. They had us reexamine the way we looked at, talked to, and thought about each other.

The ‘heart talks’ technique they taught us was key. If something’s bothering me, I tell Tami I want to talk. She listens, without responding. Then within 24 hours she comes back with her response. The talks diffuse confrontation and we both feel understood. I love my wife more each day and could not imagine what would have happened to us without this workshop.

Note: Tami and Steve have since celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary (October 2016). Congratulations you two!


Click Here to register for a weekend that will change your life forever; a weekend you will remember for the rest of your lives. Don’t think about it, just do it. REGISTER NOW. If not now, when? Don’t you see? If not now, it will be never. Life is too short to let this pass by.