Tantra Step by Step Ebook – PDF

Tantra Step by Step Ebook – PDF


28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples

Would you like to experience erotic lovemaking like never before? Go beyond pleasure to find true bliss? Connect with your lover to reach new levels of spiritual ecstasy? Enjoy all of this and more as you discover the heights of Tantric sex.

With a daily practice of only 20 minutes, Tantra Step By Step offers the perfect way to fit Tantra into your busy life. Beautiful photos and numbered steps show you exactly how to perform each blissful lesson. As you move through each day of the plan, you’ll learn powerful techniques to thrill your lover.

  • Extend your lovemaking sessions by mastering your sexual energy
  • Explore new ways to deepen intimacy with Kama Sutra positions
  • Unleash mulitple orgasms for you and your partner
  • Increase your sexual fitness with pleasure-enhancing toning exercises
  • Keep your bedroom hot with sexual role-play and fantasy games
  • Open your heart with soul-stirring gazes
  • Bring your lover to peaks of excitement with erotic massage

. . . and enjoy the most intensely pleasurable lovemaking you’ve ever experienced!


We kept the electronic rights to our published book 28 Days to Ecstasy: Tantra Step by Step. This electronic version is named Tantra Step by Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy.

The eBook version text is exactly as it appears in the published book, but also includes color photo illustrations of many exercises, practices and sexual positions that do not appear in the published book.

We have also released our Tantra Home Study Course on DVD. That DVD includes video instruction to accompany all of the lessons in the 28 Days to Ecstasy Plan from the published book. It also includes the eBook version of the book on the DVD. You insert the DVD into your computer to read the eBook, and you watch the video lessons on any DVD player and TV, or on your computer.


Chapter One: Tantra for You

page 4. . . The exercises in the 28 day plan, although short and simple, will have a cumulative effect of transforming the quality of your relationship. You are not required to give up the way you currently make love, or anything else important to you, including your values or beliefs. But by the end of the 28 days your life will have changed, sometimes profoundly for the better.

You can have the relationship happiness you dream about. You can experience the most sublime intimate connection emotionally, energetically, and spiritually with your lover. You can have all the great sex you want. You can give and receive pleasure and love in abundance. You can heal and become whole. You can have it all. The only question for you to answer is “How good are you willing to have it?”

Chapter Three: Day One Exercise: Looks of Love

  1. For 1 minute (60 seconds) the woman sends her partner looks of love. Making full eye contact she allows all the tenderness, passion, and affection she feels for her mate to pass through her eyes and into his. No words are spoken, no sounds intrude, only love is passed from eye to eye and soul to soul. He allows himself to receive her love, to let it suffuse him and envelope him without question, without doubt or fear.
  2. After 1 minute the woman lightly squeezes her partner’s hand to let him know it’s his turn.
  3. Then he sends his love to her in the same manner—freely given, freely received.
  4. When this second minute has passed he squeezes her hand. Both then say “thank you” aloud.

Some pointers to help you with Looks of Love

This is a very powerful connecting exercise. You may find it a little uncomfortable, even overwhelming at first. You might laugh or want to look away quickly. Persevere, your nervousness will pass as your hearts open more and more to each other.

Chapter Three: Day Twenty-One: Tantra Loving Session Three – Moving Energy

Today you’ll experiment with building a high sexual charge through physical stimulation. When you reach a peak of sexual arousal, rather than releasing that energy in a regular orgasm, you’ll play with moving it through your body. When your charge builds high enough, your whole body can become orgasmic.

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars This Program Can Revolutionize Your Relationship!
By Vincent Gallagher on March 22, 2014

Format: Paperback from Amazon
As a Master’s Degree level psychotherapist, a college professor, a published author, and a licensed attorney I have been helping and educating people for 30 years as a marriage counselor and also as a divorce attorney. I have been exposed to many techniques, programs, and strategies to improve relationships. This ’28 Days’ program by Pala and Al is professionally created, easy to follow, and gauranteed to improve your relationship. A lot of thought and planning has gone into this program. It is a gat value at twice the price. My wife and I started this program and it has brought us back to where we were as lovers when we were young honeymooners. After 28 years of marriage we needed something new to increase the intimacy we desire with each other. This program hits the nail on the head. If you do the exercises, and like any exercise, it may not be super fun to do the exercise (although these exercises ARE fun) the real miracle comes when after doing the exercises you find that you are spontaneously doing and incorporating the techniques into your intimate lovemaking time. And that’s when you experience the ‘mind-blowing’ experience of sexual,emotional,and spiritual one-ness with your lover. These are not trick gimmicks or fads….they are powerful and proven dynamics that will change you for the better and make you the irresistible lover your partner desires. You may cry, laugh, or make love for hours or simply learn how to improve your relationship. As a marriage counselor and a divorce lawyer….I will be recommending this ’28 days..’ Guide to anyone who comes to me seeking help. Buy it and you will not regret it….but you will have to put the time in to learn the exercises. Make the effort and you will be rewarded. Thanks Al and Pala – I will be getting your other materials- keep up the good and important work you are doing!

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