Sensual Love Secrets for Couples Ebook – PDF

Sensual Love Secrets for Couples Ebook – PDF


Sensual Love Secrets for Couples will lead you and your lover to transcendence and ecstasy by awakening your four freedoms: body, mind, heart, and soul. Once you experience these freedoms, you’ll share in the boundless energy of sexual pleasure and absolute love. Learn how you can keep a sense of discovery, pleasure, and appreciation alive in a committed relationship by connecting with and exploring each other on all four levels.

One hundred playful activities reveal the proven secrets and techniques of total intimacy and freedom:

  • Circulate sexual energy
  • Declare your deepest desires
  • Stimulate numerous pleasure points
  • Make sacred space for lovemaking
  • Exchange dreams
  • Ignite Kundalini energy


The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

A Sensual Guide to Creating Exceptional Relationships

Is it possible to stir up passion after the flames of romantic love die down? How can one maintain a loving relationship that satisfies and stimulates year after year? Sensual Love Secrets for Couples offers one simple solution for stoking the fires of lifelong intimacy: awakening and uniting the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. These four freedoms-the essence of human nature-have the power to transform a lusterless partnership into a divine union sparkling with limitless pleasure and unconditional love.

Featuring over one hundred exercises and fun activities, this practical guide helps you explore the physical senses, establish trust, cultivate emotional intimacy, achieve sacred sex, embrace commitment, pledge selfless intentions, and build spiritual bonds to last a lifetime.

Praise for Sensual Love Secrets from Other Authors

James W Prescott, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist; Director – Institute of Humanistic Science; Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California Medical School, San Diego, says
“Body Pleasure, Relationships and the Integration of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul are the central organizing themes of this journey to find happiness and love. This is not…easy to realize in our violent, authoritarian, sexually exploitive culture…We need miracles and Sensual Love Secrets provides a path to the discovery of those miracles.”

Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.,
Professor of Sociology, University of Washington. Author of 14 books including The Great Sex Weekend and Everything You Know About Love and Sex is Wrong, says
Sensual Love Secrets “is a very interesting book. There is a lot of well written, straight forward advice about how to add intensity as well as technique to love making. . . . I think most people would gain a lot from The 4 Freedoms; even just reading it together and talking about it would promote emotional and sexual intimacy.”

John Ince Lawyer; Author of The Politics of Lust; Founder of The Art of Loving sexuality center and The Erosha School of erotic massage in Vancouver, B.C., says
“Sensual Love Secrets…is a welcome contribution to the literature of sexual enrichment for loving couples. Congratulations. I particularly like the many concrete exercises you propose. You are doing great work and it deserves to be widely heard.”

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