Kama Sutra for Couples DVD

Kama Sutra for Couples DVD


Kama Sutra for Couples DVD – A Complete Learning Curriculum: Video, Audio files & Ebook

Ancient sex secrets for modern lovers. Although the Kama Sutra was written almost 2,000 years ago, it’s still the most popular love guide of all. That’s because it offers practical advice that really works. People want to be good lovers, to have a sex life that’s not just satisfactory, but superlative. With this Home Study program you’ll become the super lover you know you can be.

You’ll warm up with Kama Sutra embraces, kisses, bites, slaps, and scratches. You’ll sigh to the magic of mouth music with oral sex techniques. And you’ll climb to the heights of bliss in new intercourse positions combined with special thrusting rhythms.

The Kama Sutra for Couples DVD gives you videos, text and audio. We present them in nine segments based on particular aspects of lovemaking Kama-Sutra-style. The video on its own gives you explicit, erotic practices that will boost your lovemaking skills to A+ level.

And if you’re particularly keen to refine your skills, you’ll find the text and audio for each segment of the course in the disc’s eBook. To help you really get to know your stuff we’ve included special sections with Learning Outcomes, Review Questions, and Questions for Reflection.

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Kama Sutra for Couples DVD Course Outline

Here’s a taste of the enticing practices you’ll learn from our Kama Sutra for Couples DVD.

Part 1: Setting the Scene

Article: Setting the Scene

Audio: In the Mood for Love

Videos: Embraces – Flirtatious Four; Embraces – Amorous Advances; Embraces – Suvarnanabha’s Clasping Body Bits

Embraces aren’t just plain old everyday hugs or even steamy melting ones, they can be teasing brushes of skin on skin, intense body to body pressure, or tantalizing connections with specific sexy body parts like breasts and groins. Learn how to make the most of your hug-ability.

Kama Sutra Sensual Bathing

Part 2: Foreplay for Sure

Article: All About Making Out

Audio: Time For Love

Videos: Blessed Bathing; Chaste Kisses; Challenging Kisses; Special Kisses

Understand why it’s so important to create a “Temple for Love” and learn easy ways to make one. Discover what a “Purifying Bath” is and and what it does for you as a lover. Expand your kissing repertoire, so that your lover wants your lips all the time, with kisses like “Greatly Pressed,” “Throbbing,” and “Fighting of the Tongues.”

Part 3: The Sensual Nutrition of Massage

Article: Relax, Stimulate, Arouse, Heal

Audio: The Fine Fun Art of Rubs and Tugs

Videos: Relaxing Massage; Erotic Massage; Perineum Massage

Understand why a full body massage is beneficial, to BOTH partners. Learn how to use massage strokes to get peak results. Experiment with aids for erotic massage.

Sexy Bites for Kama Sutra Couples

Part 4: Erotic Inflamers

Article: Fierceness, Not Violence

Audio: Scratch Mine, I’ll Scratch Yours

Videos: Scratches; Love Taps; Bites

Learn how women’s pain threshold rises 100% as they approach orgasm. Discover how artful scratches and bites inflame your passion and your lover’s. Have fun and add excitement with playful love slaps, like “Anahasta,” and “Samatala.”

Part 5: Oral Sex

Article: Oral Sex the Kama Sutra Way

Audio: All About Dining Out

Videos: Kokila; Oral Sex for Him: Fellatio; Oral Sex for Her: Cunnilingus

There’s a lot more to oral sex than licking and sucking. Learn eight mind-blowing techniques for fellatio (oral sex for him), practices like “Biting at the Sides,” and “Sucking a Mango,” that will make him adore you. Explore six superbly satisfying cunnilingus strokes (oral sex for her), like “Stirring,” and the “Circling Tongue” that will bring her to orgasm over and over again.

Part 6: Introducing Kama Sutra Positions

Article: How Many Ways Can I Love You?

Audio: Hearts Wide Open

Videos: Man On Top Simplest Positions; Man On Top Challenging Positions

Understand a simple way to classify Kama Sutra intercourse positions. Learn the positions that encourage emotional union. Discover how to move from one position to another, smoothly. Explore positions for shallow and deep penetration.

Standing Positions from Kama Sutra for Couples DVD

Part 7: More Positions

Article: In the Heart of the Fire

Audio: Peaks, Valleys, and Staying Power

Videos: Woman On Top Positions; Sideways Positions; Sitting Positions; Standing Positions

Learn when standing positions are ideal and how to accomplish them. Discover positions that allow for both partners to rest, while still maintaining sexual contact. Find out which Woman on Top poses will bring her most pleasure and help you last longer.

Part 8: Romp on The Wild Side

Article: Fast and Deep

Audio: Building Excitement

Videos: Rear Entry Positions; Thrusting Rhythms

Explore positions that are great for building excitement quickly. Understand that there are lots more Rear Entry poses than just “Doggie Style.” Learn nine sophisticated yet simple Kama Sutra Thrusting techniques, from “Churning” to “Blow of a Bull.” Discover the role of “Shallow Thrusting” and how it prolongs lovemaking.

Part 9: Afterplay

Article: Sensual Nutrition

Audio: The Second Fire

Video: Afterplay

You have heard of foreplay.. now what is afterplay and why is it important? Have fun with sexy, sensual afterplay activities.

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