Female Ejaculation DVD

Female Ejaculation DVD


A Goddess’ Guide to Sexy Squirting

Simple and Easy to Learn

Female Ejaculation Myth, Magic or Marvelous Mother Nature? Here is your opportunity to learn all about this most mysterious (at least until now) feminine sexual response. And, you’ll not only understand what female ejaculation is and where the ejaculate comes from, but you’ll also learn how you can experience this delightful, sexy phenomenon.

This video for women and their lovers gives you step by step, explicitly detailed instruction. Atia Marie, noted sexual educator and professional coach, guides you with wit and wisdom down the juicy path to female ejaculation.

Long revered by Tantrikas (practitioners of Tantric sex) as “Amrita”, nectar of the goddess, female ejaculate is a clear, watery fluid produced in the female prostate (paraurethral glands) during sexual arousal. Women can expel this divine nectar in small amounts or large amounts, in little dribbles or giant gushes, with clitoral stimulation, or g-spot stimulation, or without any stimulation at all. What’s your ejaculation pattern? Find out now.

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Atia Sexual Educator

Atia Marie Your Instructor

Female Ejaculation, it’s easier than you think. With these simple steps you’ll be flowing in no time.

Explicit instruction shows you:

Where ejaculate comes from

What ejaculate is, and isn’t

What’s arousal got to do with it?

Which muscles to use and when

The best positions

The importance of hydration


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Money Back GuaranteeAnd we are so certain that you will love this sex instruction video that we offer you a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied. Yes, this is a real 60-Day money back guarantee. Simply return the DVD to us and we’ll return your money to you!

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