Train Your Mind To Focus

What do you do while you are jogging, washing dishes, making love, and so on? If your answer is anything other than jogging, washing dishes, or making love, you are not in the moment.

Try this exercise three times a day. When you are engaged in a particular activity, such as writing a report, playing catch with the kids, washing your car, weeding the garden, chopping wood, eating food, or hugging your mate, stop and ask yourself “What am I doing?” For example, while you are hugging your lover, ask, “Am I doing anything in addition to hugging?” You may find that you are worrying, dreaming, or thinking about something else, talking about unrelated events, rushing to get out the door, and so on. If so, then you are likely missing out on the full sensual pleasure of your two bodies touching. You may miss the deep emotional connection that happens when you focus on opening to another, and you won’t receive all the energetic nourishment that hug could give you. As you practice pausing and asking, you will begin to recognize when you are really immersed in your activity and when you are distracted by other thoughts or actions.

This delightfully simple yet power-packed exercise is from Ram Dass’ remarkable book “Be Here Now” (published by Lama Foundation, San Cristobel, New Mexico, 1974).

“Ask yourself: Where am I?

Answer: Here

Ask yourself: What time is it?

Answer: Now

Say it until you can hear it.”

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