Love Your Body

(Become an Orgasmic Woman, part 3)

If you want to fully experience all the sexual pleasure your body can offer you, you must grant it permission to give you pleasure. This means being completely present in your body, relaxed and comfortable with your physical self. You can’t share your body freely with a lover if you feel it isn’t worthy. Love your body!

Sadly, many women are dissatisfied with their bodies, probably because they are trained from an early age to see their bodies as ongoing renovation projects—never quite good enough, always needing improvement. Social media, magazines, television, the internet bombard you with the message that you need to loose weight, build muscle, smooth your skin, restyle your hair. Believing that your body isn’t “beautiful enough” for great sex is a major impediment to sexual ecstasy.

How can you come to love and appreciate your body for what it really is—an extraordinarily complex organism, capable of amazing feats and home to your true self, your Spirit?  It appears to be easier said than done of course, revering your body as the temple of your spirit. But actually it’s simply a matter of perspective and through awareness and attention you can teach yourself to change your perspective.

How to Learn to Love your Body

Guide yourself on an appreciative investigation of your body. Do this in a private place at a time when you will not be disturbed for at least half an hour. Create a sensual ambience for your body discovery. Make sure the room is warm. Lighting should be bright enough to see clearly but soft and caressing to your skin. Put on soft music, music that relaxes you and makes you feel sensual. You will need a full-length mirror.

Begin by saying aloud to yourself. “I come to this exploration with love and acceptance.”

Start with your head and work your way slowly down your naked body, looking, touching, sniffing, tasting.

As you explore, picture all the things you do and feel with your body.

Look at the shapes, lines, curves, colors. Imagine you are an artist considering the beauty of human form.

If negative thoughts and images come up during your discovery (“My breasts are too saggy. My hips are too big”) don’t get caught in them and don’t admonish yourself. Acknowledge the thought (“Oh that’s a judgment”) and then pursing your lips blow it out and away from you, down to the earth for cleansing. If you find you cannot let the negative images go, stop the exercise, and come back to it again later. You want to make this a positive loving experience. With practice you will. You’ve had years to develop a critical eye. It can take time to shift your view into that of a lover.

To complete your loving body discovery kiss your hands, hold them for a moment at your genitals then place them over your heart and give yourself thanks. Say thank you aloud and say your name


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