Body Freedom is Sensual Nutrition

Body Freedom means coming to your senses, all of them. Absorb right here, right now what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Direct sensory stimulation is nourishment for your body. It’s “sensual nutrition”, another kind of food without which it cannot thrive and cannot be free. The freedom of the senses is the freedom to experience pleasure and feel desire. To know you are truly alive!

Your body is a biological marvel, a sensory gateway, the temple of your soul. But sadly, like many, you may have forgotten your Body Freedom. You may have been indoctrinated to view your body as ugly and sinful. To see it as a prison that will never be beautiful enough or strong enough, will never measure up no matter what you do. To feel it constantly betrays you with its shameful desires and ultimately keeps you separate and lonely.

Fortunately, a mate relationship gives you an ideal arena in which to learn to overcome negative body conditioning and to celebrate your body’s desires. When you are in a loving relationship, freely sharing your body with another, you can become more at ease in your skin.

Affectionate touch and satisfying sex nourish you and your relationship. Sensual nutrition is not just in your head, and it’s definitely more than skin deep. When you give and receive loving, sensual touch endorphins and oxytocin surge through your system. Not only do these powerful chemicals make you feel great while you’re caressing they also fuel the desire for repeat performances. By upping your touch quotient you can satisfy more than just your partner’s skin hunger—stress release, comfort, relaxation and healing are all at your fingertips.

Take Action for Body Freedom

The best way to learn is to take action. Remember that your body freedom is your responsibility. It is neither mandatory nor automatic. You can claim your body freedom with the following actions:

  • Pay attention to your body. Listen to what it tells you about how it feels and what it wants and needs to function at its best—like good food, enough rest, adequate exercise and sensory delight.
  • Identify the body negative messages you give yourself and that you allow others to give you or that you give to others. Replace them with body positive communication.
  • Touch your mate with tenderness, respect and caring everyday.
  • Change your sexual focus from performance and orgasm to pleasure and union. Dare to learn how to make your sex an ecstatic art.

Claiming your body freedom will bring passion and intimacy to your relationship. It will help you feel more secure, more in tune with the natural rhythm of life—appreciative of the world’s sensory pleasures. You’ll discover the paradoxical delight that while your body makes you a unique and separate individual, it is also the perfect form for merging utterly with another.