Soul Sex: Tantra for Two

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two


Soul Sex explores Tantric sexuality from the perspective of a committed, monogamous relationship. It shows how you can utilize your relationship as a spiritual path to awakening through the glories of Tantra. When you learn to love another fully, you can learn to love the world. Tastefully illustrated with line drawings and black and white photos of Tantric lovers, Soul Sex will kindle your passion for each other and for life.

Read excerpts. Photographs by Bernard McCaffrey, Illustrations by Amanda Watters and Steve Copeland

Best resource on the topic. Other books on Tantra left us a little disappointed. Not so with this one. Beautifully presented in a way that’s easily understood and appreciated, this book provides tools and insights that we really hoped to get. The authors have created such a valuable resource here — bravo!” Sage Vivant,San Francisco, CA, USA

Rated: “!!!! Exceptional” by Today’s Books, who ranked it in the top 10 percent of all books published in the USA in 2003.

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Sex and spirit are our passion – in living, working and writing. Our book, Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, shows couples how they can practically combine these two powerful forces to create a long-term, loving relationship. Through our mix of ancient Eastern sexual practices and modern western approaches to communication and intimacy lovers learn to connect in ways that are respectful, nourishing and lusty.

Our emphasis in Soul Sex is on ardent monogamous relationship, why it is a spiritual practice, and how through it we can know God and serve the world. Thought-provoking discussions, personal anecdotes and precise but simple techniques inspire readers to apply these concepts in their daily lives. The observations and exercises we include are drawn from our own heady partnership and from the hundreds of couples we have had the privilege to teach at our Tantra workshops.

Comments from Authors

Master Mantak Chia, Director of the Universal Tao Retreats training centers around the world and author of numerous books on sacred sexuality:
The core of Tantra and Tao acknowledge that through sexual love the relationship between man and woman can support the two of them on their return to the light. Copeland and Link present this work with enthusiasm and compassion. They represent the new generation of spiritual sexuality work that will give realistic support to sincere, dedicated couples.

Dr. Beverly Whipple PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University:
A book that focuses on the process and pleasure of sexual interactions, not on the goal of orgasm, with which I wholeheartedly agree. Although most of my research concerning sexuality has focused on neurophysiology, I am very impressed by the exercises and the depth presented in ‘Soul Sex: Tantra for Two.’ A very readable and useful sexuality guide.

Josey Vogels, Canada’s premier sex and relationship columnist:
Canada’s Tantric sex super-duo, Pala Copeland and Al Link, have been practicing and teaching the art of Tantric sex for years. They hold weekend retreats and host regular tropical getaways where couples spend a week at some fab southerly location staring into each other’s third eyes and learning to bonk the better way. Judging by the size of their smiles in the picture on their new book, Soul Sex: Tantra For Two, they’re clearly onto something. Soul Sex is for both beginners and the experienced, and uses the couple’s mix of ancient Eastern practices as well as some good old-fashioned Western sexual tricks to help couples create a deeper, more spiritual, and hotter connection.

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