Friction Sex, Energy Sex, Soul Sex

Friction Sex, Energy Sex, Soul Sex


Private thoughts, private words, private whispers . . . . . of passion and pleasure and fear and longing and trust.

Expressions written by two lovers, only for each others’ eyes and ears and hearts. Composed over a period of fifteen years, these poems trace one couple’s journey from the first days of aching desire, through their transformation of lust into love, to their spiritual awakening as the two become one through sacred sexual union.

Now, accompanied by sensual watercolor images, these verses have been gathered into a collection for your enjoyment. May they excite you, arouse you and perhaps even move you to write hot words to your very own darling.

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Follow our lovers as they explore the urgency of Friction Sex

Friction sex is hungry bodies rubbing together. It’s lusty, panty-wetting, trouser-tenting – a very physical aching for release.

Power Of Song

The Power of Song

His Man-ness sings to her

through eyes



in a voice of honey flame

The song keens her to sweet madness

always she wants him

in her

his silken one-eyed snake

iron head butting against her womb gate

boring a path for the flood



Travel with them into the unexpected power of Energy Sex

Energy sex goes far beyond the physical. Hearts open fully in vulnerable surrender to each other. Deep emotional connection paves the way to sexual ecstasy, wherein lovers become their lovemaking. Energy bodies and auras merge in a union of sexual bliss.



Come Lie With Me

Come Lie With Me

When world weights crush down

come lie with me my love

Sharp-pointed bone edges

give way

to soft pillow curves

in my hammock

We’ll rock

cradled in love

through sturm and drang

When our swaying stops

you’ll be so light

you might just float away




Rejoice with them as they open to the wonders of the Divine in Soul Sex

Soul sex lets go of all control. Lovers are utterly transparent, open to one another and to the Divine. Emotionally naked, physically satiated, reverent and joyous, they unite mystically with the All – the most profound love imaginable.

No Path

No Path

Lover, oh lover how you transport me

Revealing along the way

Parts of myself long hidden away

The trail is lost

No one has gone this way before

There is no path to follow

And just when I feel hopelessly

Lost, vulnerable, trembling with fear

Longing for comfort, safety

Some familiar sign that is recognizable

Just at that moment of panic and terror

The light becomes so bright

That all shapes disappear and I

Also disappear and there are no

Remaining questions, uncertainties,


Desires, conquests or losses

There is only awareness

Without beginning, without end

Oh joy, oh joy, oh beyond joy

There is such beauty

Such saturated richness

Oh, my God!

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