Ebook – Kama Sutra and Liberator Shapes

Ebook – Kama Sutra and Liberator Shapes


Make All Sex Positions Easy and Comfortable

The Swing - Kama Sutra

The Swing – Kama Sutra

If you’ve seen illustrated editions of the Kama Sutra, particularly those containing exotic paintings like this Swing, you might be a bit intimidated by the seemingly convoluted gymnastics involved in many of the intercourse positions. Lucky for you however, no matter what your degree of flexibility, Liberator Shapes® make the sensual, sexy Kama Sutra poses safe and comfortable to try. Whether you’re a limber yoga enthusiast or a sedentary desk-jockey, you’ll be amazed at how much farther you can go.

Yawning Position

Yawning – Kama Sutra

In this photo illustrated electronic book we guide you in using Liberator Shapes® to explore the erotic world of the Kama Sutra. We also add some sexy positions from two other classic love manuals, the Ananga Ranga and the Perfumed Garden. Whether you own any Liberator Shapes®, or you’re using pillows and cushions for support instead, you’ll find these sexy poses very, very stimulating.



Excerpts from Kama Sutra and Liberator Shapes®

Opposites Positions

Opposites PositionsLovemaking postures that bring different body parts together, for example head and feet, or all rear-entry positions with groin to buttocks, build excitement and sexual energy most rapidly. It’s difficult or impossible to see each other’s faces, or to make eye contact in these opposites positions, so they tend to be more impersonal and encourage you to be more animalistic. They may also influence you to focus more on your own sensation and pleasure rather than paying close attention to your partner’s experience. Men who ejaculate too quickly must use these positions with caution, but they are ideal for men who have difficulty ejaculating when they want to.

Because sexual excitement and sexual energy build more rapidly when lovers are in opposites positions, use these postures if you want to:

  • experience an intense passionate “quickie”
  • focus mainly on building a higher charge of sexual energy and excitement
  • encourage the man to ejaculate

Sesame Seed with Rice

Sesame Seed with RiceSesame Seed with Rice is featured in the Kama Sutra as an embrace that can be used at the time of intercourse. It happens when you “embrace each other so closely that the arms and thighs of one are encircled by the arms and thighs of the other.” You can try it in either a man or woman-on-top variation. Basically you’re so intensely tuned in to each other that you’re literally wrapped in each other’s arms (and legs!).

Sesame Seed with Rice is another sensual, slow pose—a way to make an intimate connection that lasts a long time. Feel the beat of your hearts, the breath as it enters and leaves your bodies, the silkiness of skin next to skin.


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