Kama Sutra Super Sex eBook – PDF

Kama Sutra Super Sex eBook – PDF


The Kama Sutra was written in 400 CE, but it’s still extremely popular today because the advice it gives about love and sex really works.

With this explicitly illustrated ebook you can easily master fabulous sex techniques that have stood the test of time. From foreplay to afterplay, and all the really hot bits in between, Kama Sutra Super Sex has it all. With clear, concise descriptions and vivid photos (more than 100 of them) you’ll learn amazing pleasure practices like:

Kissing, Scratching, Biting, Oral Sex, Intercourse Positions and Thrusting techniques

  • Fabulous mouth-watering, passion provoking kisses, such as the Throbbing Kiss, the Kiss of the Upper Lip, and Fighting of the Tongues
  • Playful kisses for other sensitive body parts, from butt to breasts
  • Special massage techniques that will relax your lover, or exhilarate him, or arouse her, depending on your body’s needs and your heart’s desires
  • The healing, sensitizing, awakening art of genital massage – for her (Yoni Massage) and for him (Lingam Massage)
  • Exotic Kama Sutra scratches like Ripping Silk and Tiger’s Claw — they stimulate much more than just your back
  • Blissful bites, such as the Coral and Jewel and the Biting of the Boar, that will make your lover swoon in passionate ecstasy
  • Outstanding fellatio practices (oral sex for him), like Biting at the Sides and Sucking a Mango
  • Sensational cunnilingus practices (oral sex for her), like the Quivering Kiss and the Circling Tongue
  • Thrilling Man on Top positions, like the Lotus and Splitting Bamboo
  • Exciting Rear Entry poses, such as the Deer and the Elephant
  • Fabulous Woman on Top positions, like the Pair of Tongs and the Swing
  • And to make your sex life even more stimulating, essential Thrusting Rhythms, from Moving Forward to Sporting of a Sparrow




Chapter 2: Foreplay for Sure



All the classic love guides, the Kama Sutra, the Ananga Ranga, and the Perfumed Garden, stress the importance of kissing. Kisses are part of the whole lovemaking picture. They’re included before intercourse, during intercourse, and after intercourse.

Sheikh Nafzawi, author of the 16th century Perfumed Garden, deemed kissing so vital, that “no kind of position or movement procures the full pleasure,” without it.

“. . . Add teasing motions with the Throbbing Kiss. Gently suck her bottom lip into your mouth and feel it vibrate seductively against yours. Your top lips remain still . . .”

Chapter 3: The Sensual Nutrition of Massage

Erotic MassageMassage is an extraordinary gift to give each other. When you are touching and being touched your body secretes endorphins and oxytocin. The powerful chemicals make you feel good and at the same time build the desire for more of that marvellous holding and stroking . . . Through your touch you can offer relaxation, stimulation, arousal, and healing–separately or in imaginative combinations.

Erotic Massage

“. . . Erotic massage is all about arousal, so it can often become increasingly sexual as you get farther into it. For women e specially, Erotic Massage helps them get out of their heads and intro their bodies . . . With Erotic Massage you can use not only your hands but also your tongue, lips, hair, or other exotic aids . . .”

Chapter 4: Erotic Inflamers

Tiger Claw ScratchLike many other love guides, the Kama Sutra suggests that lovemaking is a delightful battleground: a place where men and women test their metal and show their powers of persuasion and passion. In lusty skirmishes, as equals with complementary skills, you brandish your finely honed weapons, like scratches, nips, and love taps, to spur each other into love’s delirium, remembering always, always to consider your partner’s desires.


“. . . To make the Tiger’s Claw, curve your fingers and spread them apart a little. Backs, buttocks, breasts, and necks are great spot for this scratch . . . ”

Chapter 6: Introducing Kama Sutra Positions

Man on Top

Widely Open PositionWhen the Kama Sutra was written, men were identified with the sky, the god Shiva, the power of thought. Women were connected to the earth, the goddess Shakti, the power of creative life energy. Together they made a union that reflected the construction of the cosmos. So, it was deemed part of the natural order that during lovemaking men should be on top most of the time.

That’s why almost all the Kama Sutra positions (26 out of 34), whether Face To Face or Rear Entry, are Man On Top poses.

“. . . Widely Opened is another position that invites maximum penetration. She lies back with her knees bent and her feet flat on the bed. Then she raises her lower body in a pelvic lift. It opens her canal widely. If she isn’t strong enough to hold this pose comfortable, try it with lots of pillows . . .”


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