100 Ways to Keep your Lover Ebook – PDF

100 Ways to Keep your Lover Ebook – PDF


We make everything you need to live the good life, a sensual sexy romantic life, only a simple click away with this erotic, proactive and imaginative ebook.

It is proactive in that we encourage you to take positive action to put love, passion and romance at the center of your life together. We have distilled the essence of nurturing relationship, keeping monogamy hot, and sustaining passionate romance into 100 sexy activities you can implement immediately. We tell you exactly what to do. All of these ideas and activities are quite simple. They are imaginative and daring.

All that we recommend here are things we actually do in our own relationship to keep it fun, hot and steamy. As you continue your journey together, let your love shine, let your greatness out, dare to be outrageously creative in your sacred loving.

Also available as an Audio Book


100 Ways Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 100 Ways to Keep Your Lover
  • Additional Exercises: Creating a Temple for Love; Psychic Protection; Loving Body Discovery; PC Pumping; G-Spot Stimulation; Tantra Loving Step-By-Step; Heart Talk; Creating a Relationship Vision
  • Plus Bonus Articles: Mastering Ejaculation; Voluntary Ejaculation; Freeing Female Orgasm; Pheromones: The Scent of Sex; The Health Benefits of Sex

Selections from 100 Ways and Readers’ Comments

“We have been working through the eBook (100 Ways to Keep Your Lover).
It’s surprising how much we forget. We have been making love for thirty years this year and have relearned so much from the eBook, positions, technique, etc. Last week we went to a hotel with the intention of exhausting ourselves doing nothing but loving and we succeeded — needed a day off work to recover.” RJ – Australia
“When you get this book, you receive 111 erotic photos and illustrations that show you ways to make your partner and you closer and happy. But in addition to that, you have very nice descriptions and articles on how to enjoy beautiful moments
with the person you love.” German – Amazon.com
“This took me an afternoon to read and absorb what I needed to know to keep my man. He’s been a divorcee for 23 years and declares he can’t get along w/o ejaculating in a woman once a month, or so. In the meantime he masturbates. He’s really enjoying sex now with me, mother of 4 grown children. This book will open up our lives, our love and our health as well as to find ‘true love’. I’ve never really been in love before, and he’s been hurt severely more than once… I’m so new to sex: to accepting it’s healthy, and wonderful. Thank you for producing this once in a lifetime means to ‘living, and loving’. Millie (married 47 yrs., losing out to lung cancer 4 yrs. ago).”
“Lack of fulfillment in a relationship is felt in all ways, but perhaps in sexuality first and foremost. Many people come to Tantra looking for ways to spice up a love life that has lost flavour or even gone sour. For those partnerships which only need the chance to ‘consider the possibilities’, 100 Ways to Keep Your Lover is a pretty comprehensive illustrated catalogue, covering topics from massage to meals to masochism. While what pleases or turns off is bound to differ from couple to couple, there is enough here to suggest, visually and in writing, multiple answers to the question, ‘What turns you on?’Toby Earp

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