Surrendering and Letting Go of Results - 05/08/2018

Surrender and Let GoSurrendering means you dive wholeheartedly into your actions, maintaining your vision of what you want but letting go of any expectation that things will turn out the way you planned. Instead of losing some imaginary freedom, this way of living offers you true freedom. When you surrender and let go of expectations about what the results of your actions will be, you will come to understand that even when things seem to go badly, in the longer perspective these seeming setbacks lead to larger outcomes that are extraordinary and filled with unanticipated delight. Read more. . .

Control and Surrender in the Art of Love - 04/26/2018

Control or Surrender?

People love to be in control, it makes them feel safe and secure. Very few are attracted to what may be perceived as its opposite—being out of control. Out of control can be scary, frustrating, even terrifying… We see the opposite of control not as out of control, but rather as surrender or letting go. Surrender is essential for creating love and for spiritual union. Perhaps you are afraid of surrender because you equate surrender with submission, but the two are very different. Read more . . .


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