Recognizing Relationship Fallacies - 03/07/2017

When you set out to learn about creating love, you will discover and confront a whole raft of relationship fallacies and negative models that influence your beliefs about what is possible. Dismal examples abound from high profile, highly esteemed role models, such as political and business leaders, and film and sports celebrities. Here are some common relationship fallacies. Which ones form part of your personal arsenal, sabotaging your capacity to realize the fulfilling love you want? Read More….

Your Relationship as a Spiritual Practice - 01/04/2017

Relationship as Spiritual PracticeSpiritual practice always includes a search for the deepest meaning in life. It can be a search for personal salvation or for a direct experience with the divine. When you see your relationship in this spiritual context, there is an extraordinary motivation to do whatever is needed to make it work. Read More….


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