Dealing With Conflict - 02/25/2018

Being in a relationship can be overwhelming. It can seem difficult to maintain your individuality. Your sense of self, who you are and what you stand for, may be threatened when your mate has a decidedly different opinion or exhibits behavior very different from yours. An unconscious desire to maintain your self-identity urges you to make the other person agree with your point of view, conflict results. When you are in a conflict situation with negative feelings running high, you may want to win, to be in control, to protect yourself, to punish the other person, and so on. You may say or do completely irrational things that cause long-term damage to your relationship. Read more. . .

Qualities of Relationships vs Characteristics of Partners - 02/13/2018

Photo by Roman Kraft

When asked to picture an ideal relationship, people often create a picture that focuses on the particular characteristics they would like in a partner. For instance: “I want a mate who makes me laugh, is a great lover, has lots of money”, and so forth. This approach to developing relationships is limiting and puts the onus of responsibility for success on the other person. It can set you up for failure. Read more…


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