Qualities of Relationships vs Characteristics of Partners - 02/13/2018

Photo by Roman Kraft

When asked to picture an ideal relationship, people often create a picture that focuses on the particular characteristics they would like in a partner. For instance: “I want a mate who makes me laugh, is a great lover, has lots of money”, and so forth. This approach to developing relationships is limiting and puts the onus of responsibility for success on the other person. It can set you up for failure. Read more…

Passionate, Spiritual Relationships - 01/29/2018

How do you know what a great relationship would look like if there aren’t any positive models to emulate? You make it up. You dare to imagine your heart’s dreams. If, like many people, you find it difficult to clarify the details of what you want, you can work backwards. Identify what you do not want or what has not worked and translate that into the opposite to devise your ideal relationship picture. Read More. . . .


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